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Re-examination example



Write two paragraphs: each paragraph has to have six sentences.  The sentences and the paragraphs need to follow VS Naipaul’s Rules for Beginners (quoted below).  The topics will cover aspects of the second and third outcomes of the module (see slide two in the Measures of Development lecture material).

Paragraph 1 Topic:

Describe the ……………………………………………

Paragraph 2 Topic:

Describe the ……………………………………………

Each paragraph will be graded A (5 marks), B (4), C (3), D (2), E (1) or F (0).  The pass mark is 2.

VS Naipaul’s Rules for Beginners

Do not write long sentences. A sentence should not have more than 10 or 12 words.

Each sentence should make a clear statement.  It should add to the statement that went before. A good paragraph is a series of clear, linked statements.

Do not use big words. If your computer tells you that your average word is more than five letters long, there is something wrong. The use of small words compels you to think about what you are writing. Even difficult ideas can be broken down into small words.

Never use words whose meanings you are not sure of. If you break this rule you should look for other work.

The beginner should avoid using adjectives, except those of colour, size and number. Use as few adverbs as possible. 

Avoid the abstract.  Always go for the concrete.


Week 37 – sentences

Dear All,

A quick reminder that your sentences on 11, 12 and 13 September must begin as follows:

September 11: THE …

September 12: IT IS …

September 13: I …

You are free to begin as you wish on the sentence for Friday 15 September.

Roddy Fox

Week 35 First information

Dear All,

Week 35’s activities and material have been uploaded in the relevant sections. I will explain how and why my course works this way in class.

The Weekly Milestones (in the right hand panel) summarise what you are expected to have done in each week and it’s a good idea to have accessed or downloaded the course material before the classes take place.

Looking forward to seeing you later this week.

Roddy Fox