Welcome to Roddy’s IPPE Course 2018

The lecture course material, videos and eBooks will all be uploaded into the tabs above.  Links for the course are in the sidebar below the milestones.  Comments can be made for any post.

The intention of this module is to stimulate a critical appreciation of the functioning of the world economy and current population forecasts   It begins with an examination of what we mean by ‘development’ and then takes an historical approach to examine global and regional dimensions of development.  An historical appreciation, based on the work of Maddison and Wallerstein, shows why the west has come to dominate the world.  The module provides a critique of the current financial system and consumer capitalism.  It concludes with an overview of demographic change and how population growth impacts on sustainable development and World Futures.




Please feel free to make use of the materials.  The Videos, eBooks and Slideshare are already available on the web.  My Keynote presentations (in Course Material) require attribution for re-use and redistribution, for example: Fox, R.C. 2014. Keynote presentations. [Online]. Available: https://foxedblog.wordpress.com/ [date]


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